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New Pathway to PR for Visitors, International Students and Work Permit Holders through CCPC Corporation Formation


New Private Immigration Pathway for PGWP Holders, Visitors and International Students wanting to convert their GIC funds into Startup Capital for their New CCPC Corporations in Canada and build a safety net for their immigration process.


Gaurav Verma, RCIC

Specialist in Work Permits, Spousal Sponsorship, PNP and Permanent Resident Application

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Gaurav Verma, RCIC

CICC Membership ID # R709161
Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario)

Work Experience : 12+ Years (Canada, USA, India)
Education : Immigration Practitioner Program, CSIC E-Academy (B.C.)
Member of CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants)
Member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants)

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The Retainer Program Includes

Part 1 : Canadian Immigration Services


“CCPC Corporation Formation” Immigration Retainer Program is being offered only to Temporary Residents inside and outside Canada. Under this program we are providing "Paid Representation" and filing for your following immigration applications only for

For any kind of Canadian Immigration Application :1) Visitor Visa Applications
2) Study Permits
3) Study Permit Extensions
4) Post-graduate Work Permit applications
5) Spousal Open Work Permit
6) Work Permit Extensions
7) PNP Application
8) Express Entry application
9) Spousal Sponsorship applications
10) Citizenship Applications
11) PR Card Renewals and Canadian Passport Application
12) OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) applications
13) USA visitor visa applications - for individual applicants only
14) Parents and grandparents super-visa and parents sponsorship
15) ATIP Filing
16) Restoration of Status
17) Business Ideas Counselling & Free Weekly seminars on Canadian Entrepreneurship and Networking Opportunities
18) LMIA Application for Eligible Employers
(Note : Third-party Legal Services for Refusals or complicated cases are not included in this program)

Part 2 : Canadian CCPC Company Formation

A vital feature of “Build For Canada” Immigration Retainer Program includes opening and operating a For-Profit CCPC Corporation in Canada by a temporary resident inside Canada in accordance with latest Canadian laws.


Services for
CCPC Company Formation Program
for Self Employed Category

for Study Permit Holders, Work Permit Holders, Tourist Visa Holders

• Company Formation (Number-Corporation in Ontario)
• All Immigration Applications till PR Included.
• Commercial Rent for Corporation Included
• Canadian Director Fee Included
• Opening of Business Bank Account
• Application for any Dependent
• Intra-Company Transfer Included
• Self-Employed PR Application Included
• LMIA-Exempt C-11 Entrepreneur Work Permit Application Included

Any third-party expense related to corporation or immigration services will be made aware to the applicant beforehand.Govt. Fees has for any immigration application has to be paid separately.

Advantages of "CCPC Corporation" Program

Unleashing a Realm of Opportunities


How this service package benefits the Tourists & International Students in Canada

1) Fast Enrollment and On-boarding and Setup
2) Applicants in Canada from any education stream or any type of temporary resident status, including visitor visa can enroll for this service package
3) ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Compliant resume preparation for Canadian Job Search for Applicant
4) All Inclusive Canadian Immigration and Representation Services
5) Applicants can do contract-based business to sell products and services through the corporation
6) Contract-Based Experience within the corporation may qualify for Canadian Work Experience during your Post-Graduate Work Permit Period depending on the nature of the business that you do in the corporation
7) We hold regular online seminars to educate your regarding the best Canadian Business Practices and we even teach applicants how to do book keeping for your company, open online payment gateways to receive payments on the go.
8) The corporation will help a applicants save a money in tax-write offs and help to build capital for their business
9) International Student Applicants may choose to save their GIC return money or monthly savings in the corporation to build-up the working capital for the business
10) Applicants can build capital in their corporations that will help them to qualify for funding in future
11) Corporation will help applicants to allocate funds towards capital expenditure instead of spending on personal expenses
12) We will help you and train you to prepare business plan to apply for loans and funding opportunities.

Benefit for Early Enrollment in Program

14) International Student and Visitor to Canada can utilize and invest the silent time passively during their study permit and work permit to build the credibility of their Canadian business. By the time an international student or a visitor becomes a permanent resident, the corporation is already 2 to 3 years old & will qualify for funding and investment opportunities. Your corporation can may even qualify for hiring of foreign workers in future if it has a history of hiring Canadian Workers.
15) You can attract many contract based, service or product bases business opportunities and build the credibility of your business for long term gains.

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